Overtime Madness Against Wizards

WOW, what a game!!!

This Thursday saw Dartford Sharks first team host a strong Wizards side at their home court.  Wizards arrived having three or four new players this season and in warm up looked pretty sharp.

The game started and Wizards took the early lead.  They maintained this lead throughout the game, with the lead ranging from 6 points up to 15 at certain points.  However this lead by no means depicted the way the game was unfolding.  Both teams had fantastic games and from a spectator point of view must have been an awesome watch.

The last three minutes were tense as Dartford made their comeback.  Some excellent outside shooting from James, Kieran and Mthoko and some pressure free throws from Ben took us to within 2 points with a minute to go.  A few extra last minute buckets were exchanged and the game ended normal time at 82 - 82.

With both teams exhausted, the game went into overtime, with Dartford taking the early lead this time.  And this was how the game ended.  Dartford did not let up the pressure and forced Wizards to turn the ball over.

Best game I have ever seen Dartford Sharks I play in and against our toughest rivals.  Great result boys.....

Final Score : 97 - 92

October 13th, 2011 by Andrew Demmon