Disappointing end to Folkstone game For Sharks I

This Thursdays game saw the Sharks face Folkstone at home.  With Ben Faulkner stirring some extra support for the game we had to deliver a decent result for our loyal fans.

The game started late and Folkstone started well.  Dartford kept up in what was a tense battle for most of the game. 

Both teams deserved to win the game but only one would end victorious.  Dartford had ups and downs but with two minutes to go Dartford were up by 4 but some how managed to lose the game by a single point.  The whole team, as can be expected, were very disappointed especially as we had arranged for people to come and support.

We will be dissecting what went wrong in our next training session, but hope to bounce back stronger than ever from this result.

The pizza in the pub after help to ease some of the disappointment, but only a little!!!

Final score : 53 - 54

November 3rd, 2011 by Andrew Demmon