Huge task for Dartford Sharks I in first game of Rosebowl cup‏

As with the end of every Medway season, all the teams enter into a handicapped cup based on the way they have played during the season and where they finished in the league tables.

Our first game was against Iroquois Braves from the second division. Due to the handicap, Iroquois started the game 65 points up. A huge task for any team to come back from!

As was expected we had to start strong and keep the tempo up and with the return of our key inside presence, we started to claw back the deficit.

Iroquois played well and had a strong inside player who racked up a huge amount of points.

The game started late and by the time it was close to ending it was past ten in the evening.

The sports hall staff were willing the time away in order to kick us out so they could get home and the game was ultra close. Nobody wanted overtime....

Luckily that never happened!!

Final score : 105 - 100

May 3rd, 2012 by Andrew Demmon