Well fought game by cut back Dartford Sharks I team

The second game of the Rosebowl cup saw Dartford take the roadtrip to Tonbridge.  Due to the handicap, Tonbridge started the game with a 5 point lead.  This season has seen us beat them once and them take one from us so a fairly even fight.

The game started quick from the offset and both teams came out strong.  With a cut back team Dartford showed off their, sometimes hidden, team skills and seemed to be moving the ball around well.

The game was close all the way to the end but Tonbridge took the game by 7.

Even though we lost it was a great run out and the whole team played well.  Shame we didn't have more of a bench this time round!

Final score : 72 - 65

May 14th, 2012 by Andrew Demmon