Weak Dartford Sharks I team lose to strong Folkestone side

Apologies for the lateness of this and the next write up.  This was due to a miscommunication between myself and a better writer who was going to take over these posts.  Thanks Mike for raising the level I now have to adhere to!!

Anyway back to the game - Sunday afternoon games at Folkestone are always difficult for us.  The time and distance has always been a factor in the amount of players we have and today was no different.  Plus our injury list had gone up with James breaking his elbow the previous week.  We also sorely missed George as one of our key inside players.  But enough of the excuses....

We started well and the game was close at the end of the first quarter.  Soon after, a strong Folkestone side started to pull away with some great outside shooting and nice drives off the screen.

From here Folkestone never looked back and Dartford were forced to take the long trip home wondering what had happened and how we were going to bounce back in the next game.

Final Score : 99 - 68 

October 7th, 2012 by Andrew Demmon