Finally a win for Dartford Sharks I

With two losses to our name it was obvious we were going to be frustrated with ourselves as a team.  But with our Tuesday training session back in place we were confident we would go in strong and hard against Crows in the first round of the cup.

With a near full squad, apart from the injured few, we started with a hard half court press and were putting to practice the training we had worked so hard on in previous sessions.

The game was a total contrast to the previous two and we came away feeling like we were finally getting back on track - hopefully no more losses this season.  Oh well, we can dream!

Final Score : 89 - 44

Sharks scorers : Maher 24, Ball 19, Long 17, Adams 12, Demmon 8, Miller 6, Smith 2

November 7th, 2012 by Andrew Demmon