Fixtures / Results

This page shows the fixtures and results for the season

Medway League Division 1

10/10/2019Dartford Sharks I85-58Maidstone Warriors
17/10/2019Oakwood Saints54-80Dartford Sharks I
23/10/2019Bromley Fury62-68Dartford Sharks I
07/11/2019Dartford Sharks I90-64Sevenoaks Suns
21/11/2019Dartford Sharks I64-52Guru Nanak
26/11/2019Wizards79-81Dartford Sharks I
05/12/2019Dartford Sharks I81-79Maidstone Royals
10/12/2019Maidstone Warriors53-74Dartford Sharks I
16/01/2020Dartford Sharks I76-43Dartford Sharks II
23/01/2020Dartford Sharks I80-64Bromley Fury
30/01/2020Sevenoaks Suns78-64Dartford Sharks I
13/02/2020Dartford Sharks I-Guru Nanak
19/02/2020Guru Nanak-Dartford Sharks I
27/02/2020Dartford Sharks I-Wizards
02/03/2020Maidstone Royals-Dartford Sharks I

Medway League Division 2

30/09/2019Dartford Vets63 - 38Sevenoaks Suns II
03/10/2019Dartford Sharks II68 - 62Eltham Eagles
09/10/2019Bromley Fury Vets61 - 44Dartford Vets
13/10/2019Maidstone Panthers45 - 73Dartford Sharks II
14/10/2019Dartford Vets47 - 91Bromley Fury
14/10/2019Dartford Vets47 - 91Bromley Fury
16/10/2019Bromley Fury Vets43 - 54Dartford Sharks II
16/10/2019Bromley Vets43 - 54Dartford Sharks II
21/10/2019Dartford VetsP - PDartford Stealers
24/10/2019Dartford Sharks II60 - 54Oakwood Saints
27/10/2019Maidstone Warriors II81 - 67Dartford Vets
04/11/2019Sevenoaks Suns II44 - 58Dartford Sharks II
11/11/2019Dartford Vets59 - 62Crows
20/11/2019Dartford Stealers40 - 51Dartford Sharks II
21/11/2019Eltham Eagles54 - 60Dartford Vets
27/11/2019Bromley Fury II60 - 46Dartford Vets
28/11/2019Dartford Sharks II73 - 50Maidstone Warriors II
02/12/2019Dartford Vets70 - 52Iroquois
05/12/2019CrowsP - PDartford Sharks II
12/12/2019Dartford Sharks II65 - 58Dartford Vets
16/12/2019Dartford Vets56 - 52Maidstone Panthers
18/12/2019Bromley Fury II45 - 60Dartford Sharks II
09/01/2020Dartford Sharks II68 - 53Iroquois
09/01/2020Oakwood Saints68 - 50Dartford Vets
13/01/2020Dartford Vets74 - 69Crows
20/01/2020Sevenoaks Suns II52 - 56Dartford Vets
23/01/2020Eltham Eagles41 - 57Dartford Sharks II
27/01/2020Dartford Vets75 - 84Bromley Fury Vets
30/01/2020Dartford Sharks II70 - 45Maidstone Panthers
05/02/2020Dartford Stealers-Dartford Vets
06/02/2020Oakwood Saints-Dartford Sharks II
12/02/2020Bromley Vets-Dartford Vets
17/02/2020Dartford Vets-Maidstone Warriors II
20/02/2020Dartford Sharks II-Sevenoaks Suns II
26/02/2020Bromley Fury Vets-Dartford Sharks II
27/02/2020Crows-Dartford Vets
02/03/2020Dartford Vets-Eltham Eagles
05/03/2020Dartford Sharks II-Dartford Stealers
09/03/2020Dartford Vets-Bromley Fury II
15/03/2020Maidstone Warriors IIP - PDartford Sharks II
17/03/2020IroquoisP - PDartford Vets
19/03/2020Dartford Sharks IIP - PCrows
23/03/2020Dartford VetsP - PDartford Sharks II
29/03/2020Maidstone Panthers-Dartford Vets
02/04/2020Dartford Sharks II-Bromley Fury II
06/04/2020Dartford Vets-Oakwood Saints
07/04/2020Iroquois-Dartford Sharks II

Friendly games in red
Rosebowl Cup games are listed in gold
Medway Cup games are listed in purple
Playoff games are listed in blue